Bottle Shoot Archery

Bottle Shoot Archery


Sport | 40.3MB

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Are you ready for gun shooting by sniper weapon? Do you think you're good at shooting? Show it in this incredible game of Bottle Shoot Archery.
The objective of the game is to shoot arrows at the different targets that appear on the screen. It has two game modes. On the first game mode you have to shoot to different objects (ducks, bottles, cans, dartboards) that appear in movement. The second game mode consists in trying to reach the maximum score by shooting at fixed dartboards.
Become the best bottle shooter with your archery skills.
-There are 5 different bows to unlock.
-Two incredible scenarios (farm and mountain).
- Amazing graphics and beautifully detailed backgrounds.
- Realistic bottles and objects
- Great Animation.
- Easy and precise bow and arrow controls.
Download now for free “Bottle Shoot Archery”, the best archery game with lots of shooting challenges to be the best bottle shooter in the world.




Requires:Android4.1 or later

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