Lie Detector Simulator For Fun

Lie Detector Simulator For Fun


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Truth or lie? – a perfect prank game!*
Find it out with this Lie Detector Simulator For Fun: This app is an entertainment app that combines 4 lie detectors which will help you to get the exciting results!
Play and check if your friends and family members tell the truth, by using following tools:
Finger scanner – this app simulates scanning a finger and detecting truth or lie.
Voice lie detector –ask your friend a question, and this app will analyze the person's voice and determines whether it’s a lie or truth.
Camera lie detector – it scans the face while talking and determines if the person is a liar. This innovative tool has a face detector and recognizes faces!
Heart lie detector – it determines if the person says the truth by measuring the changes in heartbeat.
You can determine the result before running the test, or reset the settings and let the app give you random results.
Come on! It’s just for fun! Perfect prank game for parties to fool your friends or family members.
*results are not real
This is just a joke app. Don’t take the results too seriously, they are simulated.
Should you have any problems using this app - before giving us a bad rating - please contact us at play@travelerpocketguide.com
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Requires:Android4.0.3 or later

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