4D Live Wallpapers--Animated AMOLED 3D Backgrounds

4D Live Wallpapers--Animated AMOLED 3D Backgrounds


Personalization | 4.6MB

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The Original 4D AMOLED live wallpapers & animated backgrounds app.
New Year & Christmas Live Wallpapers included
Do you like 3D wallpapers? You'll love 4D for sure!
4K quality 3D holograms become live with this new per pixel animation technology!
This is a totally new approach of making live wallpapers with real 4D depth effect!
Forget poor quality wallpapers that drain your battery, and get into a new magic world of amazing 4D AMOLED cool backgrounds!
And all that at a minimum battery usage below 2%
Use any AMOLED live wallpaper to save even more battery!
not all included moving wallpapers are AMOLED.
Choose and apply a live wallpaper, and tilt your device to witness the stunning 4D depth effect controlled by your device's motion sensors (gyroscope or accelerometer).
With new 3D holograms - moving wallpapers being submitted almost every week, we have a constantly growing collection of cool backgrounds that you can choose from!
Choose between many categories such as Anime wallpapers 4D, Superheroes 3D wallpapers like Kratos & Black Panther, Space wallpapers and Galaxy backgrounds, Themes for girls, Nature landscapes, Super cars, Abstract cool backgrounds, Dark - Black wallpapers, Animals 4D wallpapers, and many more different 4K moving wallpapers - 3D holograms (many of them free).
Transform your screen with a cool background that fit your style, add the best live wallpaper for you to your favourites with one click, use our search engine to find what you want, find most popular animated wallpapers, make your phone unique with this amazing 4D Depth Effect!
Personalize even more by adjusting the effects strength and set the battery saving mode, to minimize consumption at 1%
From Space Wallpapers, to Black wallpapers, to Anime 3D wallpapers & more, 250+ cool backgrounds are waiting to beautify your screen.
You will never get bored again of your home & lock screen!
✅ Support for all aspects including Ultra wide 18:9
✅ 3D holograms - cool backgrounds
✅ Many different categories (From Space wallpapers to Heroes and more)
✅ Battery efficient!
✅ New live wallpapers added continuously!
✅ Embedded search engine!
✅ Fully customizable!
✅ AMOLED 4D wallpapers HD!
✅ Dark - Black wallpapers!
✅ Space wallpapers!
✅ Anime wallpapers!
✅ The Original 4D live wallpapers & animated backgrounds app!
We want to bring you the best experience we can, so we never put ads into our apps.
Many 4D moving wallpapers are totally free and some others are premium.
Support us by unlocking the Premium version. You only pay once to access all features - No hidden cost. With the Premium version you get lifetime access to all 4D wallpapers, including all upcoming backgrounds!
Tip: If your phone is AMOLED, while using any AMOLED 3D hologram or Black wallpapers, battery usage is measured below 0.5%!
Each Live wallpaper is designed and auto-adjusted to fit any aspect ratio, including Ultra wide screens 18:9, and tested with the most popular devices such as Samsung Galaxy s8 - s8+ , OnePlus 6, Xiaomi Mi 8, Huawei P20 etc.
One of the best 4D animated wallpapers - 3D holograms app.. Because 3D wallpapers are nice.. but 4D is Awesome!
Get the Original 4D Live wallpapers & HD backgrounds app now!! it's FREE!




Requires:Android5.1 or later

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