Water Slide Splash Adventure 3D

Water Slide Splash Adventure 3D


Adventure | 39.5MB

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Can’t make it to a waterpark? Weather too chilly? No worries! Water Slide Splash Adventure is a realistic, thrill-seeking experience that will quench your thirst for SPLASH!
The entrance see to this water park is FREE! Get ready to be astounded by REAL slide n’ splash physics. In this game, surge down tall water slides in an amusement park with magnificent speed! Try slides of various heights and thrill levels--learn to navigate them with skill. Be ready for surprising twists and turns. Be careful not to fall off the edges and tumble all the way down! Complete levels by making it all the way down and jumping in a pool! Can you say refreshing?! Pass checkpoints and collect coins along the way. The more slides you master, the better the adventure! There are different sliding positions you may try for all different slides. It’s up to you to discern which one will get you down faster (and in one piece)!
As you ride down, embrace the breath-taking scenery of the high rises and skyscrapers of NYC! Take in nature with a view of the river. There’s nothing more exciting! You can experience the beach right here. Summer may not be here yet, but you can still be in an oasis of FUN!
Water Slide Splash Adventure 3D Features:
• Awesome Water Slide Adventures
• Cool city and nature 3D graphics
• REAL physics!
• Ride the slide in 3rd person view
• Exciting & challenging levels in 3D beach environment
• Coolest water slide simulator with awesome animation
• Creative background music




Requires:Android4.0 or later

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